Pay Per Click = Sushi

Most online spending goes to making Google and Yahoo richer. Pay per click is about selling fish. Instead buy yourself a boat, and rent a dock. The top ranked sites already have the audience you are seeking. The best places to trawl is in front of these same coastlines. […]

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The 4 Dirty Words of Internet Marketing

If you believe the experts, they’d say online you should never pay for: BRANDING – SPONSORSHIP – ENGAGEMENT – PRODUCT PLACEMENT It worked for tv, radio, print, billboards, and direct mail. At this point, ROI (return on investment) is more important than SEO (search engine optimizaton). No one gives […]

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As if the real estate industry needed another blog . . . .?! Generating publicity would be an easy answer, but I believe it’s all about the conversation and adding a unique voice. In a brave new online world where the small is the new big, being the […]

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RSS in 2005

Given the growing proliferation of real estate blogs, it is great that agents and brokers are finally realizing the incredible value of RSS. Back in 2005, I am proud that and were early adopters of RSS in the online real estate world. Back then, I […]

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