As if the real estate industry needed another blog . . . .?! Generating publicity would be an easy answer, but I believe it’s all about the conversation and adding a unique voice. In a brave new online world where the small is the new big, being the center of attention is not as important as being useful. Lately, there seems to be a lot of blog chatter seeping out of the real estate vertical. People you had never heard of, all of the sudden are the experts. It’s the old story: first to move, first to be noticed. Since 1999, it has been a true adventure to own and manage one of the oldest FSBO real estate portals online. Why shouldn’t there be free forums where owners and agents can derive benefit from posting and transacting property deals without the hassle of set up costs, referral fees, or tariffs? I like these new blog experts. They are the people you have never ever heard about. Here to shake things up. Here to join the old timers still working outside the box. Here for your one and only infotainment. Here with ANOTHER BLOG.