Thinking of Selling Your Property?

Opportunity is often only one connection away.

Are you considering selling your residential or commercial property? Since 1996, it’s been a privilege to help my clients succeed. If you want to maximize the return on your […]

The Southern California Broker, Southern California Realtor

Southern California Residential And Commercial Real Estate Deals

Depend on a Southern California native who knows his home town. Licensed since 1996, it’s a privilege to help buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords with their real estate needs. If you are thinking […]

Are Your Really Ready To Sell Your Property?

Are You Ready To Sell Your Property?

You may not be ready to sell your property. You may think that prices will go higher, so it is not the best time to sell. While there is no crystal ball to know […]

Real Estate Broker Michael Stark on The Wellness Connector Show

Enjoy Part 1 Of Michael’s Stark Interview On The Wellness Connector Show

It was a pleasure to be on Barb Dufault’s “The Wellness Connector Show.” Barb hosts a nice talk show, and it was privilege to be a guest on her program. […]

Southern California 1031 Exchange Replacement Property Deals, 1031 Like Kind Exchange Strategies

1031 Upleg, Need to Find a Good Deal? – Meet a Buyer’s Broker

Need a Replacement Property? A Buyer’s Broker Can Help

Is the clock ticking on your 1031 exchange? Are you in your 45 day identification […]

Orange County Real Estate Deals, Orange County Residential Income Property, OC Homes, OC Condos

Realtor Michael Stark 949-574-9474, Orange County Income Properties, Orange County Homes, Orange County Condos, Orange County Commercial Triple Net NNN Deals

If you are trying to find an Orange County income properties, it’d be a pleasure to assist. Depend on an Orange County […]

Seal Beach Realtor for Seal Beach houses and Seal Beach townhouses for 1031 exchange

Find Seal Beach CA homes, Seal Beach Townhomes, and Seal Beach real estate for your 1031 exchange investment

Broker Michael Stark provides Seal Beach Realtor services, finds Seal Beach houses for sale, Seal Beach condos, 1031 investment properties in Seal Beach, and helps buyers and […]

Seal Beach NNN Property, Seal Beach Triple Net Real Estate for 1031 exchange

Find Seal Beach NNN real estate and Seal Beach triple net property for your 1031 exchange investment

Are you looking for triple net property in Seal Beach? It’d be a privilege to discuss the inventory of Seal Beach NNN investment properties. If you’d […]

Seal Beach Condos, Seal Beach Townhomes For 1031 Exchange Real Estate Investment

Find Seal Beach condos, Seal Beach townhomes, and Seal Beach residential income real estate for 1031 exchange investment real estate.

Ask about off market and on market Seal Beach condos, Seal Beach townhomes, and Seal Beach residential income property deals. Broker Realtor Michael Stark […]

Seal Beach Residential Income Property and 1031 Seal Beach Investment Properties

Find Seal Beach residential income real estate, Seal Beach 1031 exchange investment real estate, and Seal Beach triple net real estate

Are you in the market for Seal Beach residential income property? It’d be a privilege to provide you with an inventory of Seal Beach […]

Find Seal Beach Cash Flow Property, Seal Beach 1031 Income Property, Seal Beach Pocket Listings

Ask Broker Realtor Michael Stark about Seal Beach Cash Flow Properties, Seal Beach Income Properties, Seal Beach Pocket Property Deals, and Seal Beach 1031 Replacement Property

For Seal Beach cash flow real estate, Seal Beach pocket listings, and Seal Beach 1031 exchange replacement property deals, […]

Seal Beach Property MLS, Seal Beach 1031 Exchange Replacement Property

Seal Beach MLS Free Search, Seal Beach Multiple Listing Service, Seal Beach 1031 Replacement Properties

If you are in the market, it’d be a privilege to help you find Seal Beach homes, Seal Beach condos, Seal Beach income property, or Seal Beach commercial property. I […]

Seal Beach Homes for Sale, Seal Beach Real Estate

Seal Beach Real Estate For Sale, Seal Beach Homes

Should you be looking for real estate in Seal Beach, please review some Seal Beach residential listings by searching the Seal Beach MLS for free. If you are looking for […]

Wanted Properties List

If you know an owner thinking of selling, my clients may have interest in the following:
Add your property want to this list

– Home, up to $5.5 million.
Single Level, 2,500+ sf.
UCLA area, Beverly Hills, West LA.

– Home, up to $1.5 […]