The Second Rule of Real Estate

Everyone knows the first rule of real estate is location. Others believe the second rule is about making deals from the dreaded 5 D’s. That is desperation, destitution, disease, death, and divorce. Whatever you choose to do, I think it’s essential that you have a great […]

Real Estate Prices In 2012 May Be Like 2002

It’s my opinion that Southern California residential property prices in 2012 may be like 2002 prices. Of course, each neighborhood has its own dynamic, and what the actual prices may be will vary. When you look at 2002, an ounce of gold was about $300. In […]

Investors Love Brokers Who Specialize in Off Market, FSBO, and REO Deals

The Law of Attraction rules real estate investing. It’s no secret that investors like to work with brokers who are magnets for early intelligence of off market, fsbo (for sale by owner), and reo deals. Helping investors learn about deals is what I do for a living. […]

Wanted Properties List

If you know an owner thinking of selling, my clients may have interest in the following:
Add your property want to this list

– Home, must be single level, 2,500+ sf, up to $5.5 million.
UCLA Area, Brentwood, Lower Bel Air, West […]

Real Estate Investors Like FSBO Deals

Running and remains quite an adventure. As the owner of one of the oldest and largest free real estate posting syndication services since 1999, I am proud that investors continue to bookmark our pages. Investors are not shy about connecting with FSBO […]

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Do You Need Investors?

Broker Realtor Michael Stark of discusses opportunities for connecting with real estate investors who are looking to invest in property investments.

Enjoy the video!
Michael Stark,
Broker Realtor,
Michael’s Blog

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Our Demographic Enjoys Real Estate

It is estimated that 15% of all property on the market in the US at any time is FSBO (for sale by owner).

Since the FSBO industry is counter-cyclical, our sites have experienced a surge in new property postings due to the economy. New inventory, means more new pages […]

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1031 Exchange Deals in Orange County and LA County

Ask Broker Realtor Michael Stark about Southern California 1031 Exchange Real Estate Deals, 1031 Triple Net Properties in Orange County, 1031 Exchange Orange County Residential Income Properties, 1031 Exchange LA County Replacement Property Deals

If you […]

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