How Bad Can Real Estate Prices Get?

Although some markets may experience a further drop, Southern California, as a whole, already is an enticing bargain to many buyers. As a broker, it’s been a pleasure to help my clients take advantage of some very interesting commercial and residential deals lately. It’s no secret that I love being approached by investors with their real estate wish lists outlining how much they’d be willing to pay for various types of properties in certain areas. Contrarian investors understand the opportunity of buying up undervalued real estate assets while everyone else is focussing on the stock market, mutual funds, and treasury bills. As long as most people are not buying real estate, the amazing low prices will continue I believe.

Michael Stark
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Licensed since 1996, Michael Stark is a Southern California native, and a real estate broker. Michael’s work spans multiple asset types, including homes, condos, multifamily, commercial, industrial, and NNN property throughout Southern California. Michael's reputation for sourcing unique off market properties and seller motivated real estate deals is well known. Another core specialty is helping sellers market and maximize the return on their property. From 2010 to 2020, Michael served as the Program Chairman of RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California) booking over 400 speakers. Michael also served as a board member of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors MLS Committee. Michael's website provides a variety of free resources at, along with nearly 500 videos that he produced. Michael earned his B.A from Claremont McKenna College, and his Masters from the London School of Economics. DRE# 01207862.

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  • Frank Kovacs says:

    Hi Michael,
    You just find us that piece of special property we are looking for and bingo! You have a deal! You know what we are looking for. Right? If you need us to describe it again, just drop us a note.
    Have a great weekend.

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