2003 Property Prices in 2011 in Southern California?

2011 may be the best time to purchase real estate in nearly a decade. It’s my opinion that 2011 residential and commercial property prices in Southern California will be at bargain levels not seen since 2003. Factoring in what a dollar was worth in 2003 compared to today, and the opportunity becomes even clearer. Gold currently hovers around $1,400 per ounce, compared to gold in 2003 which trailed in the $400 range. Real estate prices, in the meantime, denominated in dollars will likely be near the same dollar price as 2003 in Southern California. Is there appreciation ahead for hard assets like a home or a commercial, industrial, retail, or multifamily building? I think it is a good to time to buy or 1031 exchange into Orange county residential and commercial real estate, and Los Angeles county residential and commercial real estate. If you’d like a free consultation to discuss how to benefit from some of the great deals, reo, and short sales in the market, please feel fee to contact me.

Michael Stark
Broker Realtor,

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