Finding the best and most competitively priced management is on the minds of many owners. It’s a privilege to provide professional solutions that make a positive difference when it comes to managing commercial, residential, industrial, and retail real estate.

Professional property management services include:

– CAM budgeting and reconciliation.
– Coordination of maintenance and repairs.
– Onsite management, tenant relations, and retention.
– Operational reports and monthly statements.
– Rent and deposit collection and fund disbursement.

Customized lease up services to fill vacancies include:

– Expert email marketing to prospective tenants, agents, and brokers.
– Live pitching and promotion of the property at broker forums and conferences.
– Mail box brochure delivery and comprehensive flyer distribution.
– Property web page creation, promotion, and blogging.
– Social media seed posting and search engine syndication.
– Submission of the property to numerous online listing services.
– Telemarketing to prospective tenants and potential users.
– Text link ads and real estate banner network placements.
– Video staging, production, and web promotion.

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