Know Your Banner Network

Not all banner networks are created equal.

Most banner advertising is sold on a CPM or CPA basis (cost per thousand impressions or cost per acquisition). There are numerous marketplaces to bid on the traffic across the thousands of networks. A sub-industry has even grown up around the profitable disposal of remnant impressions. These professionals may not own the sites or inventory they sell, but are able to arbitrage it. Behavioral targeting is often employed to serve ads to people whose ip address is cookied.

Amazingly enough, many banner advertisers have no clue on what sites their ads appear. There is no transparency. The advertiser, instead, extrapolates their net CPC (cost per click) burn rate based on whatever their ROI (return on investment) is for the campaign.

Buying banners directly from the owners of specific sites may be old school, but it is no less complicated. Going direct could actually be to your disadvantage if the owner is selling space on his page through a network. Why go direct if you can figure out where to buy the same space for less on a remnant marketplace?

What makes our banner network different?

We do not sell our banners through any ad marketplace. Going direct is the only way to work with our network. Additionally, the list of sites participating in our network is transparent. You know the exact name and url of the hundreds of real estate sites that carry your ad.

How does it work?

There are two options. #1) Your banner can turn on our wholly owned sites for a flat fee per month. #2) Your ad can be placed on to a static banner which resides on hundreds of other real estate sites for a flat fee for a specified amount of time.

What’s the value?

Branding, product placement, engagement, traffic, and sales.

What is the demographic?

If you elect to be on our wholly owned sites, our audience consists of real estate investors, sellers, realtors, lenders, escrow, and insurance reps who prospect from the thousands of property postings on our free listing syndication service.

If you choose to be on our banner network, your ad is seen on hundreds of individual real estate sites. In aggregate, these sites generate several million impressions each month.

What is the next step?

If you’d like to discuss the opportunity, please contact us for a free consultation.

Michael Stark,
Broker Realtor,
Michael’s Blog