Forget Traffic, Think Engagement

How do you measure someone’s presence online? Everyone knows that 1 unique user session, is better than 1 visit, which is better than 1 page impression, which is still better than 1 hit. 1 unique user session, however, doesn’t compare to 1 videocast or podcast download or to 1 rss download of an article. 1 unique user session is nothing to getting 1 optin email address, or 1 person to post a comment. 1 unique user session is worthless compared to 1 new friend on Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn. 1 unique user session is meaningless to 1 indexed back link on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Internet marketing is about learning to forget traffic, and think engagement.

About Michael Stark

Licensed in both Nevada and California, Michael specializes in commercial, industrial, triple net, and residential income property sales. Since 1996, Michael’s specialty has been as a buyer’s broker and tenant's broker. Michael is best known for his custom tailored service helping 1031 investors find replacement properties. Another core specialty is helping sellers market and maximize the return on their property. From 2010 to 2020, Michael served as the Program Chairman of RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California) booking over 400 speakers. Michael also served as a board member of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors MLS Committee. NV Broker Salesperson License #0146705, CA Broker License #01207862

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