At Connect in San Francisco, Matt Carter reported in the Inman News Blog, about my chance meeting up with Marlow Harris at a Connect party. Matt wrote: “Michael Stark of was telling me about a magazine article he’d read on his flight to Connect. The article, about Seattle real estate, had mentioned Marlow, and Michael said he’d wondered if they’d have a chance to meet. Marlow said Michael was one of the first to recognize the value of exchanging links to boost search engine rankings in the ’90s. She said another of Michael’s sites,, was “my very first link” to her own site, SeattleDreamHomes . . . . Connect is an industry convention . . . . . but there’s also a lot of genuine passion, particularly on the part of the indie guys like Michael — who bent my ear about how far the real estate industry has to go before it taps into the power of the Internet. “It’s a vertical of pygmies,” he said. The upside, he said, is that “a lot of people who are nobodies can come in and make a dent.”