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Licensed since 1996, it is a privilege to help buyers and sellers. Should you be looking for a residential or commercial investment, I’d be happy to inform you about different deals on the market.

If you are thinking of selling your property, it’s important to work with a professional who can help you not only promote your property, but maximize your return. Over the years, I have built a large contact list of investors who I am in touch with on a regular basis. I’d be happy to learn more about what you might have to sell.

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Michael has received nearly 100 testimonials

"I think your site is GREAT – one of the more informed ones on the internet. Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it.”
Ron Zemetres, Prudential Tropical Realty
"NeoRealEstate.com is owned by Michael Stark, who was one of the first Realtors to recognize the value of Reciprocal Link Exchanges.”
Clifford Roe, Buyers-Agents.org
"Hi Mike, I am a Realtor on the ‘other coast‘ and found your website. Its awesome!!! I just relocated from Orange County. I would love to have a web page like yours! It‘s cool!!!!!”
Ranel Van Deraa R.N., Georgia Costal Real Estate
"Nice channel!”
Al Pilato, YouTube comment
"Michael, you have done such a GREAT job as Program Chair for 2010 of RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California), that I cannot imagine 2011 without you at the helm!”
Joel Carlson, Joel Carlson.com
"It was great to see you again at Affiliate Summit. Congrats on your ongoing growth and success! Man, you are everywhere. Every time I Google your name, the number of results for your name seems to double exponentially. You should consider hiring us to manage your Social Media Persona! You‘re getting to big for yourself to handle!”
Joe Dalto, Partnercentric.com
"You are one of America‘s Best Agents. Thanks for being my Internet GURU!”
Ginny Lee, MyNaplesCityGuide.com
"I did check out your website and found it very useful, so I forwarded it to about 1,500 realtors that are in my database. Maybe we both can get some business out of it.”
Hal Compton, FirstLine Mortgage
"Your sites are very informative, very interesting, and people can easily understand that you are a web lover, and that you take care over your sites. Michael, your web sites are fantastic, very informative…really!”
Yves Ayach, TransacMed.com
"NeoRealEstate.com was developed by Michael Stark at a time when relatively few Realtors used the Internet as a marketing tool. Michael is an innovator. He is a 4th generation Southern Californian and covers the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. He lists and sells residential and commercial real estate, but also does leasing. He packs a lot of information on his site. Explore his site. You won‘t be disappointed.”
Catherine Darragh, Property Exchange Register
"I‘m totally impressed with your websites!”
George McNeal, Keller Williams Realty, Fort Myers Real Estate
“Dear Michael, With you as our agent, selling our home proved to be a real success. You were instrumental in exceeding our sales expectations. The whole process from open house to escrow closure followed through seamlessly and successfully as a result of your commitment. I was originally recommended to you by a selling neighbor, and now I find myself recommending your services to others when the subject of real estate comes up. Best of luck to you.”
Glenn and Ellen Haugen, Los Angeles, CA
"Impressive! Love your video and looking forward for more news.”
Meyer Appraisal, Inc, YouTube comment
"Love the interviews Michael.”
Todd Henley, Makai Bikes, YouTube comment
"I was blown away when I came across your sites today.”
Jason Cortina, Santa Clarita Valley Homes
"Mike, I liked the site, and think it is a good way to promote business.”
Richard Adams, ARCA- Money.com
"Thanks for all that information. I would love to have the understanding of online marketing that you have.”
Rick Smith, PanoramaStudios.com
"Michael was patient and thoughtful and provided me with great customer service."
David Rhodes, Irvine, CA
"Selling your property can be very stressful, although with an expert such as Michael Stark the process went very smoothly. Given the fact that dealing with the HOA was challenging and complex, Michael demonstrated his skills, expertise, and attention to the details in dealing with the issues. On a daily basis, we were updated on the progress during every step of the process. Thanks to his presence at the several open house weekends, the property sold quickly at the price we expected. Selling your property can be very stressful, although with an expert such as Michael Stark, the process went very smoothly. We are so grateful not only to have worked with Michael, but to know him. He is a real gentleman and a good person."
Norbert and Catherine Moha, Costa Mesa, CA
"I personally think you‘ve done an amazing job creating you web properties. Your at the top of your game!”
Puneet Wadhwa, Umaveda.com
"I stumbled accross your website and was very impressed, and will use it as a source of information and hopefully business. Your name is coming up more and more as I research various real estate networking forums and groups. I am very impressed with your website and the amount of information it contains.”
Chester McAteer, Franklin Bank SSB
“Michael’s professionalism, expertise, and calm demeanor are assets that truly benefit his clients. We were extremely pleased to work with him in purchasing our first rental property. He definitely has his clients’ best interests at heart.”
Marla & Joe Kaufman, Mission Viejo
"Michael, I hope you stay on as Program Chair for 2011 of RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California). In my opinion, you did a great job this year.”
Mel Wagstaff, Sperry Van Ness
"Your stats are impressive enough! Clearly you‘ve built a better mousetrap here, and I admire your results tremendously.”
Lance Newton, Bayview1031.com
"I am writing this letter to praise you for your professionalism and excellent rapport with your clients and property owners. Having the experience of purchasing my condominium with your sage advise and acting as my broker, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends. Thank you again for making my first property purchase a breeze. Keep up the excellent work."
Mr Alfredo M. Zacarias, Los Angeles, CA
Michael, our collaboration in seeking a retirement residence was a long and patient one. Hard to believe it all began nearly 2 ½ years ago and carried over six trips from New Jersey. West Los Angeles, the valley, Orange County and finally Long Beach. Your knowledge of the market, of the process (so very different from real estate closings in NY/NJ/CT), your low-pressure style all worked great. The readiness to take on research, to advise but not decide, all great. We didn’t know how or when or where this journey would end, but where it has is really great. Robin and I are excited to be moving west, to such a wonderful unit in such an incredible building in a phenomenal little city.
Randy Schafer, East Brunswick, NJ
"It was truly an honor working with you. Your tenaciousness, professionalism, and such attention to detail is refreshing; and we hope to work with you again soon.”
Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Victoria Stokes, Irvine, CA
"I really enjoyed your article regarding real estate online in the August ‘09 edition of Website Magazine.”
Todd McCalla, CumberlandCommercial.com
"Dear Mike, It was great to work with you as well.”
Paul Brach, Irvine, CA
"Michael, You were great to work with, and your clients were very nice. It was a ‘Happy Ending!'”
Larry Schmitz, Schmitz Properties
"Working with Michael has been a truly great experience! He‘s professional, knowledgeable, reliable, prompt, and courteous. I look forward to working with him again.”
Samara Tarpley, Covina, CA
"Michael, your doing an awesome job with your internet presence….I see your site almost everywhere that I go. Congrats my friend!”
Jerry Campbell, Bellingham-Homes.com
"PostYourProperty.com allows home sellers to have an opportunity to market their home which provides significant exposure, as heard on Bloomberg Radio on the Financial News and Talk Network in Southern California. Michael Stark can provide the valuable tools any seller would benefit from. Review before engaging in a real estate transaction.”
Craig A. Brock, CraigBrockMortgage.com
"I am writing this letter to praise you for your professionalism and excellent rapport with your clients and property owners. Having the experience of purchasing my condominium with your sage advise and acting as my broker, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my friends. Thank you again for making my first property purchase a breeze. Keep up the excellent work."
Pam White, PreciseLeads.com
"Michael, I am viewing more video clips on your website as we speak. You conduct yourself in a very professional manner and articulate very well. You are providing an educational content while potential customers and advertisers are visiting your websites. Speaking with you Michael, you have demonstrated not only a deep knowledge of the real estate markets in Southern California, but also you have pointed out the significance of the social media, internet marketing and SEO when it comes to searching for properties and real estate listings in different states. I am looking forward to your continuously updated content on your websites.”
Peter Matousek, RushForUSALand.com
"Your website is quite impressive!"
Barbara Updike, Lifevantage Independent Distributor
"Agents whom I know well, and who pushed their sites to the top of organic searches for their areas, include . . . Mike Stark in Newport Beach . . . who sweated their websites on to the top of organic search engine results, thereby saving tons of money in not buying PPC ads.”
Bill Koezler, Excerpt From: Building Business from Organic Search Results is Worthwhile If You Know How
"As far as I can see, you are the “Top Dog” in real estate on the web, and you‘ve done an excellent job with all your sites.”
Jim Marks, Vacation Home Mall
"Rick Franzi of Critical Mass for Business wrote on his website: “Michael Stark, one of the pioneers of internet marketing, and President of PostYourProperty.com, talks with host Rick Franzi about how his site, PostYourProperty.com, became a highly trafficked site for home sellers. He also discusses the importance of the successful entrepreneur‘s need to continuously evolve their business to respond to the changing market dynamic.”
Rick Franzi, Critical Mass for Business
"Michael is a true professional thru and thru. His knowledge and expertise should be appreciated by all professionals. What separates Michael from anyone else is that he puts himself out there to help other professionals, and helps his community. It is a real pleasure to know him and do business with him.”
Jo Ann Lapin, Hanover Mortgage Company
"I am constantly searching other real estate web sites and I must say I was very impressed with your site! (DeCaro Realty, Inc. has been around for over 24 years and I am not impressed easily). Your site is very informative, helpful and easy to use! I appreciate the opportunity to be linked to such a great web site! You have a fantastic site!!!!!!!!!”
Pam Martello, DeCaro Realty, Inc.
"PostYourProperty rocks!”
Todd Henley, MakaiBikes.com
"Michael is an honest, knowledgeable broker!"
Lew Elliott, F.C.E Property Management
"Michael, It is a great pleasure knowing you and working with you. You are always going the extra mile for the client and the friend, and that is what makes the difference. Not to mention that you are always reliable, open to listen and follow up on your commitments on a timely fashion, and make everyone’s life easier and flowing. We will continue to work with you on all future real estate transaction with great pleasure."
Ana Weber and Mario Haber, Corona Del Mar, CA
"Michael is the most professional commercial real estate expert that I have ever had a pleasure working with . His knowledge of products available in the market and his understanding virtual media and its application on producing results is impeccable. .. And yes , he is extremely friendly and courteous.”
David Khorram Shahi, CrowdFundingPlanning.com
"Wow! That‘s some enterprise you have built! Congratulations on your success, and may I wish you a prosperous future as well. Keep up the great work and service. As I‘ve been browsing thru your site more and more , I want to say that you truly provide a great real estate resource! Thanx for being so-o helpful.”
Mike Tranquilli, The Home Plan Group
"It was great seeing you in NY again. My hat is off to you and your business model. In fact, I will admit that I studied what you were doing back in 2002 (basically because you were the only one doing it), and taking some of what you did, I now have 8 of the most trafficked real estate websites for their respective markets.”
Glenn Sanford, BuyerTours Realty
"I was browsing around the web, and I love your website.”
Crissy Elizondo, Realtorsblvd.com
"Michael, You have a great site! SEO companies must learn a lot when they stumble on your site.”
Ben Kiblinger, RevUpNet.com
Thank you Michael Stark!!! You patience is truly valued in reference to taking the time to explain in detail to me some of the areas in commercial investing. I am, in fact, new in this area of real estate, and I just thank you for your input. Keep up the good work!!!
Sherman Peters, Info-Real-Investors.com
"A sincere thanks to you, Michael. You have an awesome site. All the best!”
Berta Monteiro, RealEstateByBerta.com
"Michael Stark is one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing in the U.S., and a good friend for 12 years. He is also the Program Chairman of RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California). See his excellent and huge web site at: NeoRealEstate.com.”
Bill Koelzer, Koelzer.com
"Michael Is a creative person working hard for his clients. Check out the many web sites he has available to help you with your real estate marketing and needs.”
Duane Marlink, RateAHome.com
"I must say you have opened my eyes to a different world regarding search engines, and how to get better rankings.”
John Lauro III, GetMeLowerRates.com
"Just got in from the Inman Conference which in my opinion is a must for todays online real estate agent. The most important aspect was the networking. There were plenty of elbows to rub and lots of relationships to make. If they gave at an award for conference networker, the statue would got to Michael Stark of PostYourProperty.com for sure. I bet that guy picked up a hundred link exchanges as well as future referrals. He is a testament at what you can do at a conference of this magnitude. I guess I just added a one way link to his site:-)”
"Dear Michael, Little did I realize, when you agreed to participate on our real estate directory, that I had found the most cyber savvy Realtor in the country. The combination of your superb technological talents, and your outstanding realty expertise, makes you an extremely valuable resource for our real estate and relocation visitors. You have made our directory a much better one by your participation.”
Stan Kaplan, A Directory of Real Estate and Homes
"Michael, Thanx! You have done a great job presenting excellent speakers to RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California).”
John Guptil, CRIA
"Hi Mike, I‘m impressed with your prescience at combining real estate and the web. Keep up the good work with Twitter!”
Valerie Kameya, Valkra.com
"SELLING A HOME? START HERE! (THANKS MICHAEL!) A big THANK YOU to Michael Stark, realtor, entreprenuer and founder of PostYourProperty.com. For those unfamiliar with PostYourProperty.com, you probabaly aren‘t in Real Estate or buying or selling a home. His site is quite popular with all the search engines (an aged domain and thousands of unique pages does a lot of good these days). Realtors and home owners will place their listings on Michael‘s sites, and once on PostYourProperty, the listings are aggregated to popular sites. It is a free service, and an extremely valuable tool if you are in the market for a home, or selling one. I was already familiar with the site, but after meeting Michael in person I can tell you he‘s the real deal. His sites have been around since 1999. He‘s on his toes and knows where this industry is headed. I hope that even a small amount of Michael‘s energy will rub off on me for my upcoming projects.”
Jason Murphy, The Jason Murphy Show.com
“Thank you so much for all your help in finding us our home. It was such a pleasure working with you because you are so good at what you do. You kept us informed and involved every step of the way. We are very happy with our new house. Thanks again.”
Patrick and Maesa Faucette, Los Angeles, CA
"I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael on my radio show. He is a creative entrepreneur. He is an articulate speaker who demonstrates a keen sense for collabrative marketing opportunities. I highly recommend Michael to any business person looking to develop a relationship with a smart and thoughtful entrepreneur.”
Rick Franzi, Critical Mass for Business
"Hi Michael, I will be back again very soon, great channel you got here.”
Mark, Reach Your Potential, YouTube comment
"Lots of Useful Information . . . almost too much! NeoRealEstate.com has an amazing amount of information attached to it! One can easily become overwhelmed, but there are so many useful links that I must wholly recommend it. I particularly found the Agents & Brokers Top 10 list to be helpful.”
Amazon.com Review from Mover and Shaker Tony,
"NeoRealEstate.com is by far one of the best real estate agent sites I‘ve seen.”
Don Petrasek, EducatedHomeBuyer.com
"You‘ve got a great site. I hope to continue to learn from it.”
Mike Hamilton, Kimball Realty Group
]"Your sites are terrific! I can tell you must be one busy fellow!!”
Freda Hoskins, Sandpoint Idaho Homes & Land
"Platinum Producer – Top 10% Award – Broker Agent News. It is an honor, on behalf of Broker Agent News, for Michael Stark to be recognized as one of the nation‘s finest real estate professionals. In addition to being respected by his peers, Mr. Stark has demonstrated an exceptional level of success in his community and is a leader within the industry.”
Chad Golladay, President and Editor in Chief of Broker Agent News
"Michael, I have enjoyed your handy work all year setting up great guest speakers for RIAOC (Realty Investment Association of California). There have been many informative speakers this year that have been highly informative and educational thanks to your efforts.”
Peter Patel, Just Elementary.com
"Thank you for your help, Michael. I will plan on using your services when I am looking for my next home.”
Lea Gaskill, Brain Garden
"Jerry and I want to thank you so much for your help with our Via Porto sale. Thanks again for everything you did. I will refer others to you if I can. Best of luck in your RE adventures and sales. Our best to you and your family.”
Linda and Jerry Clark, Costa Mesa, CA
"Michael is an excellent partner for getting the best results with a quick and straightforward approach. He is creative, using all of his contacts and resources to give the best exposure to our property. He handled the leasing of our commercial property for us, and carefully vetted the potential tenants. We were in the process of renovating the building while Michael looked for tenants. When he understood our vision, he found a tenant that met our requirements. While negotiating the LOI and preparing the lease contract he closely coordinated with our lawyer and myself, which resulted in a contract that was comprehensive and clear. I strongly recommend working with Michael, and intend to use his services in the future.”
Adina Rosenthal, Huntington Beach, CA
“One more thing, your website is the BOMB! I wish you continued success!”
Wendie Lynn Mayers, Unimobility.com
"Thank you for representing us and handling the complete selling process of our home. As it was our first time selling a home, it was a pleasure working with someone who took the time to instruct us on the selling process. The professionalism that you displayed while working through this process should be held as a model for others to follow. You truly made the process easy, informative, and secure.”
James and Barbara Rotondo, Irvine, CA
"Mike, you have a great site! It is nice looking, has culture, is unique, and personable. It works. That is why people love it!”
Peggy Geiger, Gagglebyte Computer Services
"I would like to thank you for helping me and my two partners in the sale of our land in Bel Air. I very much enjoyed working with you, and I was quite impressed by your professionalism as well as your perseverance. It was our first “experience” in real estate, and by being very patient and always taking the time to help us understand the difficult process, you made it a pleasant one.”
Gina Farahnick, New York, NY
"I wanted to thank you again for mentioning me in your Blog. Yesterday, a gentleman contacted me to represent him on a small boat purchase. He mentioned that he had lost my contact information, and searched for me on the web. He found my info on your website. You have really done a great job with search engine optimization and social media networking. Thanks again!”
Mark Mowery, U.S.C.G. Merchant Marine Officer, No.1152381
"One of my co-workers had your link on his site. You have a nice site. I like the fact that it can drive traffic to my sites.”
Brian Belcher, 4Charlotte.com
"Very nice site with tons of information!!”
Jerry Beauchamp, HomeShow Realty, Inc. Denver, CO
"Thank you for permitting me to include your link onto my web site. I found your site to be educational and hassle free for home buyers and sellers to view. You do have an outstanding site and I am proud to be linked to it. I think your web site is terrific.”
Maggie Griffin, MaggieGriffinHomes.com, Wallingford, CT
"I will be spending more time checking out your site! Seems interesting.”
Laura Bailey, Anna Naumann Real Estate
"Quoted from the Inman News Blog"]"Michael was one of the first to recognize the value of exchanging links to boost search engine rankings in the ‘90s. She said another of Michael‘s sites, NeoRealEstate.com, was ‘my very first link‘ to her own site, SeattleDreamHomes.com.”
Marlow Harris, SeattleDreamHomes.com
"Please delete my listing. House under contract! Great Site!!”
Mary C., Union, New Jersey
Don’t know Michael personally, but was pleasantly surprised when I arrived on his site and found exactly what he offers. Simply a place to list your property for free. As internet scams are rampant, Michael and company are not a part of that movement in any way. I was able to list my property, no strings attached. What a refreshing experience. Thanks Michael, all the best to you and your continued success in the coming year. The best is yet to come!”
Roger Hayward,
"YouTube comment"]"How’s it going my friend? So glad I stumbled upon your vids because u did an incredible job here. I’m honored to connect with you and would really love it if you could subscribe back. I’m looking forward to rating many more of your videos. Bright smiles.”
Justin, XangoGrandMastermind,
"I really did like your site content. It was great!”
Maria Cruz, VirtualShopping.com
"We both want to let Michael know how truly grateful we are for your hard work and commitment to us in finding a house. This house is perfect!”
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Proctor, Monrovia, CA
"I just had to leave a comment on your channel! Great channel! We love what you are doing!”
Phil Grove, YouTube comment
"As my wife and I had never sold a home before, we were cautious at our choice of a realtor. Michael Stark was our first choice, and he proved to be the right choice. Michael was always there for us, 24/7. He faithfully kept us informed on the progress of the sale of our home. Through Michael‘s guidance and experience we were able to get much more for our home than we expected. As far as my wife and I are concerned, we will always have a dedicated, trustworthy realtor in Michael Stark. Thanks for all your help and hard work Mike!"
Dr. and Mrs. James Ferguson, San Francisco, CA


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